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Asbestos Abatement

We are asbestos abatement specialists

Fully bonded and licensed, R. C. White Ltd. is knowledgeable in the latest environmental laws and regulations.

The R. C. White team has been providing qualified, dedicated professionals for your remediation and abatement needs since 1990. We are qualified, trained and bonded in asbestos removal through site remediation and abatement of dangerous building materials.


rc_white_asbestos2Asbestos dangers at work and at home

Asbestos has been used as insulation for pipes, boilers, tanks, ducts as well as in general insulation. Also used as a fire retardant, this dangerous material is known to be a carcinogen when it degrades and becomes airborne. During building reconstruction, expansion or demolition, this material is more likely to become an airborne carcinogen and a danger to people in the vicinity.

High-density non-friable asbestos-containing products such as asbestos-cement cladding, pipe, roofing tiles, vinyl floor tiles, gaskets, packing and friction materials should also be tested for (and disposed of) during repair, construction or demolition activities.