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Why do I have condensation on windows?

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Water or frost on windows is condensation and is created when warm, moist air comes into contact with dry, cold air.

A cozy winter scene with a snow storm outside and a warm fire burning in a fireplace inside can be marred by the sight of drippy windows. It’s also a sign there are serious moisture issues inside the home.

Water or frost on your windows is condensation and is created when warm, moist air comes into contact with dry, cold air much like when two different weather systems collide except this is inside your house and not outside.

Is the problem my windows?
It may seem like the problem is your windows because that’s where the water rests and makes a watery mess. Condensation isn’t created because your windows are cold instead it’s the coldest place in your house so the phenomena of two air systems smashing together is more noticeable.

So what causes condensation?
It’s the moisture in the air that causes condensation and it’s more noticeable on your windows because newly constructed houses are more sealed and less drafty than older homes.

New construction methods lock cold air outside and make houses warmer and cozier. In particular newer windows and weather stripping are effective at making a home airtight. While having an air efficient home is appealing, it’s also got its problems if you have a water leak.

I never had condensation on my windows in my old home
Homes, even those built in the 1980s, are less efficient than newer ones. Drafty, older windows with thinner glass and gaping window casings allowed moist warm air to escape and let cold dry air inside preventing condensation.

When the moist air created by showers, cooking and a poorly ventilating dryer don’t have any place to go it stays in the home instead of being sent outside. The damp air contains lots of interior moisture and causes a higher humidity level inside the house.

Unless fixed, this situation can cause moist surfaces to grow mould. Contact R.C. White for recommendations on how to prevent mould and condensation on windows.

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