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Getting drier air in winter

remove window mould

If you find mould in your windows, remove it with a bleach solution. If you’re not sure, contact RC White

Getting interior air drier and fix leaks that contribute to moisture is the best long-term solution to the problem of mould. Removing mould is R.C. White’s specialty. We are southwestern Ontario’s specialists in the safe and complete removal of mould in homes and businesses.

Getting drier air and removing mould:

You can find mould almost anywhere in your home and you can remove some of it yourself. If you have a large mould infestation don’t risk removing it and harming your health. Having a lot of mould in your home can cause an allergic reaction with sneezing, runny nose, headaches and eye irritation.

Mould can gather in the grout lines of your shower or discolour drywall. If you find small spots of mould use a diluted bleach solution to scrub the area and let it dry. Wear rubber gloves and avoid contact with the skin because bleach can cause irritation. Once you are done open a window or run a ventilation fan when doing cleanup work to remove fumes.

If you have a musty odour in your home, try and identify its source and remove any carpets and then clean the area if there is wet wood or flooring.  You may have to open up a wall to get at any mould growing inside. Remove any infected insulation or compromised drywall.

Use a regular dry/wet vacuum to clean up any debris and then wash out the filter and tank with a diluted bleach solution afterward. Set out dehumidifiers and fans to dry out the cleaned area.

If the mould problem is too extensive or too difficult to deal with, contact R.C. White for help. They can relieve your stress and remove mould easily.

Contact RC White about the E-Z Breathe Ventilation System for drier air. It expels airborne contaminants such as odours, mould, toxins and allergens, controls moisture levels thereby reducing window condensation and damp mould environments, and ventilates the entire house.

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