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How much humidity should be inside my home?

Humidity level is a measure of the amount of water vapour in the air. There are several sources of water vapour in a home. These include cooking, bathing, clothes washer and dryers, and even people and pets breathing.
Generally, warmer air holds more humidity than colder air. This means when it’s warmer outside, you need to add less humidity. When is colder outside, you need to add more humidity.

Here’s a chart for recommended humidity levels in the home:

+40 F 45%
+30 F 40%
+20 F 35%
+10 F 30%
0 F 25%
-10 F 20%
-20 F 15%


Humidity should general not drop below 25%. If this happens, irritation to eyes, noses and throats could occur. A good indication of low humidity is a high amount of static electricity in the home.

Always keep the humidity level below 50%. At levels above 50%, microbial growth such as mould is possible. If you suspect mould in your home, contact a professional like RC White for an inspection.

A dehumidifier helps reduce humidity in the home but can be very expensive to run. An EZ Breathe is a much more economical way to control humidity in your home. See why here…
Contact RC White about the benefits of an Ez Breathe in your home.


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