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How long does it take to install the EZ Breathe system?

We can install the EZ Breathe Ventilation System in your home in one day.

RC White professional will suggest best location for your EZ Breath unit.

We have installed many EZ Breathe units in Windsor and Essex County and the Chatham-Kent area.

First, a professional installer visits your home to determine the most advantageous location for the system. Usually, it’s installed in the lowest part of your home, most likely a basement or crawl space, and as far away from the stairway as possible to ensure the greatest air flow throughout the lower level.

E-Z Breathe installs neatly and cleanly, venting to the outside of the home using a small 6-inch duct – similar to a dryer or hood fan.

Request a FREE home air evaluation of your home and see how EZ Breathe can remove moisture and allergens.


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