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Can moist air cause mould?

moist air window condensationSome homeowners have had moist air causing condensation on their windows for years and never given it a second thought. It’s not bothering anyone and seems to dry fairly quickly when it gets warmer outside.

Window condensation might only occur when it is extremely cold outside. For the most part, if your home is susceptible to condensation, you’ll see it on your windows once the temperatures drop in the fall and it starts to frost and freeze outside.

You can also get condensation in the summer months on the outside of your windows when warm moist air outdoors, perhaps from fog, comes into contact with cold, air-conditioned windows. This often happens in cars and wipers are needed to remove the condensation.

Moisture in Windows

On the rare occasion condensation can be found in between two layers of glass it’s evidence that the airtight seal is broken. To repair the problem, the glass probably needs to be replaced. Contact your window supplier.

Having moist air in your home is not just a problem in the winter months. If there is too much humidity in your home year-round, you’ll see evidence of the problem. The issue will present itself with wet spots on walls or ceilings, peeling paint, rotting or contaminated wood and a musty odour.

The issue becomes a huge dilemma when you start to see mould, mildew or fungus growth on walls or in small crevices. When you spot mould, you know it’s serious and time to call RC White.

If you have noticed evidence of serious humidity, contact an expert like R.C. White to solve the problem.

This month we discuss the causes of moist air and condensation in your home and how it can cause problems for you. If you have any questions, contact us via online form.

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