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Outdoor Do-It-Yourself Safety Tips

Stay off the roof!
Unless you’ve done roofing work before, stay off the roof. There’s so much involved with being safe up there. Roofers make it look easy. Inexperienced people have been known to walk right off the roof… it happens. Hire professionals like RC White to do dangerous jobs.

Choose the right job.
Leave the big jobs to the professionals, like RC White. Don’t try fixing siding, soffits, fascia… unless you’ve learned how to do it. Do you have the physical fitness to do the job safely? Not everything is a do it yourself job. Know your limitations.

Be safe with ladders.
There’s so much to know… when to use them, how to use them, what size for what job… there are warnings on ladders but you need lots of information if you’re gong to use them. Read about ladder safety before going out there. If you have any issues with balance, hire someone to do the job.
Read all about ladder safety at the American Ladder Institute.
Learn how to use power tools correctly.
They almost all come with instructions. Read them first. And never use a power tool without their safety guards. Always use the right tool for the job. Don’t “MacGyver” it. (It’s just a tv show, folks – not real life!)

Keep kids and pets away!
Never let kids or pets in the work area. Kids will imitate adults and may try to copy what you’re doing. Always unplug power tools when not in use… even for a few minutes. Pets need supervision too. Better still, keep them inside until you’re done.


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