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How do I prepare in the event of a flood?

town flooding purplepic Water may be a necessity for life, but it can become a homeowner’s biggest headache. Cleaning up after a flood in the home can be a massive undertaking. It doesn’t matter what created the flood, whether it be a sewer backup from an excessive rain storm or a burst frozen pipe, water damage needs to be addressed immediately or it can cause catastrophic problems from mould and other interior environmental hazards.
Essex County residents know that periodic, rare flooding has become a more frequent occurrence in the past few years with more intense storms wrecking havoc on the region’s plumbing.

Just because you haven’t had a flood doesn’t mean you’ll never have one. Over the past three years, devastating storms have damaged thousands of homes in Windsor, Amherstburg, Tecumseh, Essex, LaSalle, Lakeshore and Leamington. Many of the recent flood victims, who have lived in their homes 30 years, are new to flood cleanup.

The best way to handle a flood is to prepare a checklist with contact numbers ahead of time so that you aren’t fiddling around at 4 a.m. The first items to do:

  • Call your insurance agent and inform them of the flood. Take pictures to preserve the severity of the damage.
  • Find a restoration company to perform cleanup.
  • If you haven’t lost power, shut off electricity to flooded area.

Finding a restoration company available to help you is key and might be more important than informing your insurance agent because when there is a catastrophic flood in your city, there are hundreds of residents scrambling to find experienced flood experts to handle the problem.

Call or Contact us at RC White as soon as you have a problem.

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