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How do I remove small amounts of mould myself?

Cleaning MouldTo clean a small area, such as window frames or wall surfaces measuring no more than 10 square feet or 3 square metres:

  • wear household rubber gloves (not vinyl but the type used for dishwashing);
  • wear a mask rated N95, which is capable of filtering fine particles and available at home improvement stores;
  • wear safety glasses, even if you wear eyeglasses;
  • use an unscented detergent and water or a mould-control product sold as home-improvement stores;
  • rinse the area well with a clean, wet rag;
  • allow to dry completely.

Is bleach an effective DIY mould removal method?

Mould and BleachBleach has been used for years as a home remedy for mould but it actually has many disadvantages, and indeed some dangers. The fumes themselves are an irritant and a particular hazard to anyone with respiratory concerns. When mixed with other cleansers, for example, bleach and other chemicals such as ammonia can combine to produce a toxic gas.

And bleach only works on non-porous surfaces making it ineffective for drywall and other porous materials such as wood. It may remove the surface mould you can see, but it will not reach the root-like structures mould sends into any porous surface. So, if the right moisture conditions return, so will the mould.

R.C. White Ltd. is a member of EACO, the Environmental Abatement Council of Ontario. If you are unsure of your ability to remove any amount of mould safely and effectively, you can contact us for advice.

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