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Special Products

We invest in special products and machinery to get the job done!


“If you could see the air that your breathe in your home, you’d hold your breath.”
Maintains low moisture and increases ventilation for cleaner indoor air quality.

The E-Z Breathe Ventilation System:
• Expels airborne contaminants – odours, mould, toxins and allergens
• Controls moisture levels – Reduces window condensation and damp mould environments
• Ventilates the entire house – Removes stale indoor air and replenishes it with dry, fresh air

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rc_white_blastracBLASTRAC FLOOR SCRAPING MACHINE – We offer floor removal with the Blastrac 220 for large jobs. Shot blasting leaves the surface immediately ready for the application of coatings or overlays, eliminating drying time and costly disposal procedures associated with other surface preparation methods. Shot blasting produces the highest bonding character of any surface preparation method.

Blastrac products are environmentally friendly and provide the most economic solutions to your surface preparation projects. Our system results in reduced pollutants at the job site, reduced noise and allow for multiple tasks to occur at the same time.