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Spring outdoor maintenance

Spring is finally here! Take advantage of the warmer weather and get a head start on your outdoor spring maintenance list. Do a walk-around of your property. Look for any damage to your roof or chimney as well as walls, doors, and windows.

Here is a list of things to check outside yout home:
Scrub mildewed areas and treat for water stains, mildew, and fungus.

Clean. Check for leaks. Check for damaged, loose or missing shingles. Check vents and louvers for birds, nests, squirrels, and insects. Check flashing around roof stacks, vents, and skylights for leaks.

Check for deterioration of bricks and mortar. Check for leaks. Check for birds, nests, squirrels, and insects and remove them. Close off any vulnerable areas with wire mesh.

Gutters and downspouts    
Clean and check for leaks, misalignment, or damage. Reattach any parts which have come apart.

Check that caulking and weather stripping is intact.
Clean. Vinegar and newspapers is great for cleaning windows.

Exterior walls  
Check for deteriorating bricks and mortar. Check siding for damage or rot. Check painted surfaces for flaking.
Water stains normally indicate that your gutters are not adequately containing roof runoff.

Trim shrubbery around walls. Remove anything climbing onto your house. Remove tree limbs, branches, or debris that can attract insects (no wood or shrubbery should be closer than 3 inches to your house). Maintain grading. Low areas should be filled with dirt. Be sure all landscaping slopes away from the house.

Concrete and asphalt    
Check for cracks or deterioration. Reseal or repair if necessary.

If you find any damage which needs to be fixed by a professional, give RC White a call for an estimate.

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